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Our Story

When the world stops turning, energy fades and the lights dim and all the sparkles leave your life. That’s a bit how we felt during the corona pandemic. At the end of 2020 we got together and said “what would you like to do”. In the end it seemed that we had so many idea’s that it was hard to choose the one we loved the most. This is when we found what we like to do, and we think will also get your energy flow going. That is: strategize, protoype fast and go to production.

In our experience this is also the only way that you can do product design and develop software. You can never imagine the whole picture at first and all the things you run into. Therefore, get a piece of what you want to make tangible and see how much you already like it. Is it just a mock-up, is it a running prototype you can show of to your friends and family or is it something you already want to share with the world.

Eventually we came together, prioritized, developed and launched some cool apps. It’s not about doing it perfect the first time right, but it’s about being inspired and getting the feeling of joy when you show each other what you created.

What we do is software development and consultancy. Whether it is to get you started by taking your own first steps in getting your company going, or trying to make breakthroughs in your corporate environment, we can help you! We created our own world which is Brevis Studios, and we would like you to get involved.

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